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US Immigration Law

In immigration, one size does not fit all. Through licensed immigration lawyers and experienced staff, we help you explore different alternatives for your immigration needs and determine the best option. We accompany you throughout the entire process. Our services comprise:


General Immigration Services

Family Based Visas

Employment Based Visas

Investment Visas

Naturalizations & Citizenship

Colombia General Law 

For your Colombian legal needs, our teams, based in Florida and Bogota, will provide legal services to you in the following practice areas:


Commercial Law

Corporate Law

Exchange Controls Law

Labor Law


- Government Procurement


Trademark and patent registration

Family law

Real Estate


Doing Business in Latin America

If you are planning on entering the Latin America market or you are already present in one or more of the Latin American countries, you need to comply and continue in compliance with local regulations. Doing the right thing and adopting best in class controls will help you be more profitable and will reduce risks. 


You need not to worry about additional headcounts. We will be your in-house from outside and we will work with your internal resources as one team. When and as needed, we will engage and manage outside counsel for you in the different jurisdictions that so require it.


Whenever possible, we will work with flat fees that are predictable and you can budget for. We will assess your needs and provide you with a recommended list of services, such as:

General regional counseling services

- Establishment of local operation

- Corporate governance and compliance

- Procurement bidding process

- Contract management

- General employment matters

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