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What does it mean that your attorney is a Foreign Legal Consultant? Why does it matter? How can you

Foreign lawyers residing in Florida may render legal services to you as long as the Supreme Court of Florida certifies them as foreign legal consultants and the services are regarding the laws of the country in which the attorney is admitted to practice.

This certificate is granted to foreign attorneys duly admitted to practice and in good standing in their jurisdiction, with at least 5 years of experience, who have not been disciplined for professional misconduct by the bar or courts of any jurisdiction within the last 10 years, and who are known for a good moral character.

The certification is meant to protect you. Thus, when you are searching for foreign legal services make sure the person you select has a valid certificate, has a physical office in Florida, clearly explains to you the scope of the legal services, and provides you with a written retainer agreement.

You can verify the information with The Florida Bar. It is easy and will give you a peace of mind. Better safe than sorry. (

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